• Image of The Beach Towel

Imagine laying down on this towel while at 31st st beach, listening to WLPN. The sun is shining, there are seagulls in the sky, children are laughing and screaming and your picnic is in full swing.

Then a sudden thunderstorm approaches. You think it won't come to shore and you want to finish your last piece of french bread with camembert cheese, but you lost your knife. You run to the concession stand to get a plastic knife, but they close the shutter right when you get there. You decide to use your fingers to spread the cheese on the bread and it suddenly pours.

Use this towel to hold over your head while running to your bike, car, bus and clean up your cheesy fingers.

Note: We will ship all merchandise after the Swag-A-Thon ends and it will arrive just in time for Summer!

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