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Imagine hearing your name or your business mentioned live, on the air, before, during, and after your favorite WLPN show.

Yes, it kind of baffles your mind, doesn't it.

For $100 you can become the Exclusive Underwriter of your favorite Lumpen Radio show. People will hear your name, or your company's name before ratings shattering shows like Insider's Roundtable, or Post Modern Talking With Bobby Conn and DJ Le Deuce, or the not very much listened to Geighties Hour with Reuben Kincaid. You get to pick one episode of any show to sponsor and we will run your message 5 times!

So pick wisely! Do some research! .

You can also use your underwriting option to ask someone to marry you, wish a loved one a happy birthday, or announce you are moving.

Alternatively for $100 we will record your voice as an official Lumpen Radio Station ID. We will play your passionate sounding voice on the air, randomly, maybe forever, but most likely for a week in between the Dairy Report and The Geighties Hour with Reuben Kincaid.

That's right! Your voice will be heard whenever we need to do an automated station identification to satisfy the fussy folks at the FCC!

Incredible, isn't it?

Or hey, forget that stuff above... Skip all the fancy recording stuff and give us $100 and we will LEAVE YOU ALONE! No one from WLPN will contact you ever again.*

If you need some clarification or help email Edmar. Edmarlumpen at gmail.com

Choose your adventure.